Current Time Deposits

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As a part of Treasurer Frerichs’ mission to invest state monies in a manner that generates the highest return and supports community development efforts, the Treasurer’s Office provides time deposits to approved Illinois financial institutions so they can offer loans at reduced interest rates to Illinois businesses, farmers, and communities.

Through the Linked Deposit and Access to Capital programs, the Treasurer’s Office deposits funds via time deposits in approved  depositories, including banks, credit unions, and savings and loan institutions statewide.

This webpage is designed to offer enhanced transparency into the placement of time deposits by the Treasurer’s Office.  Scroll below and click on the appropriate year/month to download a printable copy of Time Deposit monthly reports for the current calendar year and prior years.  If you seek archived data older than what is posted below, please contact us.

Download Adobe Reader which is required to view (PDF) files.

Treasurer Frerichs strives to run an open and transparent office and in doing so maintains archived financial documents that are available, for free, to the public. If you are seeking an older version of the financial report(s) listed on this webpage, please call 312-814-1700 or email Max Dulberger at and ask our staff to provide them to you. In most cases this won’t require a formal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and can be sent via email.