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The Treasurer's Office internally manages two investment portfolios, the State Investment Portfolio ($12-15 billion) and The Illinois Funds Local Government Investment Pool ($4-6 billion).  For both portfolios, the objective of the Treasurer's Office is to invest funds in a manner that provides the highest return using authorized instruments, while meeting daily cash flow demands and conforming to all state statutes governing the investment of public funds. 


Broker/Dealers are utilized to facilitate investment transactions and approved debt securities issuers serve as the various issuers deemed suitable for purchases.







The Treasurer’s Office works with a number of qualified broker/dealers that provide services executing trades and facilitating investment transactions.


  •  Become an Approved Broker/Dealer

  •  List of Approved Broker/Dealers


Approved Debt Securities Issuers

The Treasurer's Office also maintains a list of approved debt securities issuers that serve as authorized and suitable investment vehicles, including commercial paper issuers, repo dealers, and U.S. agencies, among others.  These entities are reviewed on a regular basis for continuing creditworthiness and eligibility pursuant to requirements under state statutes and agency policies.


  •  List of Approved Debt Securities Issuers