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For 39 years, the Treasurer's Office has provided loan opportunities for Illinois farmers through Ag Invest. Through a commitment to Ag Invest, the Treasurer's Office partners with approved financial institutions to provide qualified farmers, agri-business and agriculture professionals below-market rate loans to start, expand or add value to their farm operations. The loans provided by the financial institution can be used for the purchase of farm equipment, purchase of land, construction-related expenses, provide operating lines of credit or other costs related to conventional or sustainable farming.


For information about our Annual AG program, click here.

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Program History

The Treasurer’s Ag Invest loan program is the nation’s most expansive agriculture deposit program. Since 1983, Ag Invest has loaned more than $4 billion in annual and long-term loans.


In addition to the Annual Agriculture Loan Program, the Illinois State Treasurer’s Office began the Long-Term Loan Program in 2000. Agricultural professionals across the state have taken advantage of our below-market rates to help grow their farm operations.


In 2012, the Treasurer’s office introduced a fast track version of the Ag Invest program, which helps eligible financial institutions serve their Ag Invest clients more effectively by shortening the approval process from 10 business days to just 24 - 48 hours.



Should you have any questions, please contact the Invest in Illinois Division at 217-558-6217 or email


Real Growth, Big Impact

The Office of the Illinois Treasurer (Treasurer) strives for transparency, efficiency and preservation of public trust.  Our Invest in Illinois programs are designed to drive economic growth and offer a safe and sound investment opportunity. The Treasurer has made a strategic commitment to collecting foundational data to inform and guide our efforts in support of the people of Illinois. The dashboards below give a snapshot of the data we are collecting.


The ‘Invest in Illinois Program offered by the Illinois State Treasurer has served as an integral funding avenue to assist Bank & Trust Company in creating economic growth in our communities.


The three deposit programs – (1) Ag Invest, (2) Business Invest, and (3) Community Invest, have provided Bank & Trust affordable funding to assist in lending to these various economic sectors.


The Illinois Treasurer staff’s assistance, along with their online system, makes the process of obtaining state funds seamless.


We, at Bank & Trust Company, appreciate the courteous, patient, top-notch service provided by their friendly staff.

Bank & Trust Company, Litchfield- Bruce K Vignos


2020 Key Performance Indicators

The funds made available under the Ag Invest Annual Loan Program were primarily used to finance seed, feed and fertilizer (36%), cash rent payments (14%); and crop insurance (13%).


Annual Ag Revised - Use of Funds

The overwhelming majority of funds made available through the Ag Invest Annual Loan Program supported conventional farm operations versus farm businesses.


Annual Ag Revised - Type of Farm Business

The Ag Invest Long Term Loan Program was mostly used by conventional farm operations to finance new or used farm equipment (77%), grain processing expenses (15%) and livestock purchase (8%).


Long Term Ag Revised - Use of Funds

Ag Invest - Through the Years


Ag Invest Annual Deposits 2015-2020

Ag Invest Long Term Deposits 2015-2020