Schedule of Investments

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As the trustee and administrator of The Illinois Funds investment portfolio, the Illinois Office of the State Treasurer is consistently undertaking investment transactions on behalf of program participants in order to maximize earnings while ensuring safety and liquidity.


The Vault data portal on our website provides access to The Illinois Funds' Monthly Schedule of Investment Reports for the current calendar year, as well as archived copies for prior years.



Treasurer Michael Frerichs established the use of industry benchmarks to ensure state dollars are placed in safe and lucrative investments. The Treasurer's goal is to consistently outperform the competition.  To access The Illinois Funds' investment summary and benchmarks, please visit the Local Government Investment Pool Portfolio page.


The Illinois Funds invests in U.S. Treasury obligations, repurchase agreements collateralized at 102% by U.S. Treasury obligations, certificates of deposit issued by an Illinois financial institution, U.S. agency mortgage-backed securities, and money-market funds rated 'AAA' by a national credit rating agency (Standard & Poor's, Fitch's, or Moody's). Other investments include commercial paper rated in one of the two highest rating categories by Fitch's with a maximum final maturity of 270 days, and no asset-backed securities. Please refer to our Investment Policy Statement for more information.


The Treasurer utilizes approved broker/dealers to facilitate investment transactions and executing trades, along with approved debt securities issuers to serve as the authorized issuers deemed suitable for purchases.