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If your government agency is searching for a fast, easy, secure way to accept credit cards or electronic funds transfers, then ePAY is the solution for you.


All types of local and state government agencies can participate, including elected county officials, county treasurers, cities and villages, schools, libraries, parks and recreation facilities, sewage treatment districts, sanitation districts, other special taxing districts, community colleges, and universities.


ePAY is available to all participants in The Illinois Funds, which is a Local Government Investment Pool (LGIP) operated by the Illinois State Treasurer’s Office.  ePAY participants have their funds deposited into their Illinois Funds investment account(s) daily, which enables them to have immediate access to the monies at all times.  The Illinois Funds lets government agencies use the Illinois State Treasurer’s resources to safely invest their funds while enjoying the economies of scale available from a $4-6 billion pooled fund investment portfolio.  No minimum balance is required.


Sign up now by calling our office at 1-866-831-5240 between 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  You can also submit an online contact form.