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At ePAY, we want to provide the best possible payment experience to your organization and your constituents. By integrating the ePAY payment processing into your existing solutions, we can provide seamless, pain-free payments as well as simplify back office procedures. If you believe there is an opportunity to improve your current or planned payment process, please contact us to schedule a call with you and your solution provider.


ePAY is the premiere payments provider for state and local governments in Illinois and by integrating your solutions with ePAY, we can work together to provide the best payment experience to the people of Illinois. We work hard to make integration easy and provide multiple options including REST and SOAP APIs, payment redirects, and point-of-sale wrappers all backed up with explicit developer documentation. If you are a solution provider for government entities in Illinois and wish to pursue a partnership, please contact us to get started.


Below you will find a link to all the current solution/software providers, gateways, and companies that ePAY currently has a relationship with and/or the ability to work with. ePAY continues to add to this listing, in an effort to provide our participants with a premiere payment solution experience. If you do not find your current provider, please contact us so that we can discuss a potential partnership with them as well.

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