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Community Invest – Opportunity Illinois is a consumer-focused loan program. The program offers qualified financial institutions that operate in designated areas (i.e. Illinois Enterprise Zones, Opportunity ZonesLow-Income Communities) access to state impact investment capital at a lower rate, in the form of a time deposit. This gives community banks, local credit unions, and savings and loan institutions in areas of economic development access to additional financial resources, which positions them to increase lending efforts to individuals and spur economic activity.


           •  Assists financial institutions in providing low-cost consumer loans with a maturity of 1, 2 or 3 years

           •  Single financial institutions located in a town or city are provided additional eligibility flexibility


Download the Community Invest – Opportunity Illinois flyer for more information.


Applications must be received by noon on either the first or third Thursday of the current month in order to be considered for funding. Applications received past this deadline will be considered for funding in a subsequent month or at the discretion of the Treasurer’s Office. The Treasurer's Office reserves the right to change this schedule, without notice. If you have any questions, call 217.558.6217.


How to Apply

Step 1:  Become an Approved Program Depository

To participate in Community Invest – Opportunity Illinois, financial institutions must be or apply to become an approved program depository with the Treasurer's Office. For more information, please visit:


           •  Become an Approved Program Depository

           •  View the current List of Approved Program Depositories


Step 2:  Review Eligibility and Submit Application

Approved depositories seeking to determine their eligibility and apply for Community Invest – Opportunity Illinois must review and submit the following document:


           •  Community Invest – Opportunity Illinois Application


To determine if a financial institution is situated in an Illinois Enterprise Zone, check the Illinois Enterprise Zone interactive map or contact your local Enterprise Zone Administrator (zone admin contact), if additional assistance is needed, please call (217) 782-6738. To determine if a financial institution is situated in an Illinois Opportunity Zone use the Illinois Opportunity Zones search tool or contact the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity at (312) 814-7179.  To determine if you are located within a Low-Income Community, use


Daily Rates

Visit the Community Development Linked Deposit page to view the applicable impact investment deposit rates for Community Invest – Opportunity Illinois.


Contact Us

Should you have any questions, please contact Invest In Illinois team at (866) 458-7327 or email