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Business Invest – SCALE UP Program

Invest in Illinois Business Invest- Sub-Contractor Accelerator Loan Engine Program (SCALE UP Program) is an impact investment loan program facilitated by the State Treasurer's Office to provide access to capital to small diverse construction contractor businesses in Illinois. SCALE UP partners with qualified financial institutions to provide vital economic support to small diverse businesses that would not otherwise qualify, to facilitate or expand access to capital for diverse (owned by qualified woman, minority persons, military veterans, and persons of disabilities) small business construction companies in the state of Illinois that have contracts with government entities or major real estate developers.


  • State funds will be deposited with qualified financial institutions for a 1-year term.
  • Deposited funds facilitate affordable loans to small diverse construction companies that have contracts working on government, commercial, or residential projects. These funds could be used to provide bridge funding, pay fixed debts, payroll, accounts payable and other bills. Deposits may be requested by financial institutions for a maximum of $5 million, per financial institution.
  • Eligible small diverse businesses must: (1) have less than $1 million in liquid assets or $10 million average annual receipts (per SBA standards); (2) be headquartered in the State of Illinois or agree to use the funds in Illinois; (3) be a diverse construction contractor business with 51 percent or more of the stock or equity of the business owned by minority persons, women, military veterans, qualified service-disabled veterans, or persons with disabilities; (4) have contracts to work on government, commercial, or residential construction projects; and (5) comply with all applicable employment laws.
  • Financial institutions will be required to provide metric reports to the Treasurer’s Office regarding the usage of program funds, including the number and types of loans provided to small diverse businesses.

Click here to download and share the SCALE UP Program flyer.


How to Apply
Step 1: Become an Approved Program Depository
To participate in Business Invest – SCALE UP Program, financial institutions must be or apply to become an approved program depository with the Treasurer's Office. For more information and request forms to become an approved depository, please visit:



Step 2: Review Eligibility and Submit Application
Approved depositories (see Step 1) seeking to determine their eligibility and apply for funds under the Business Invest – SCALE UP Program must review the terms and conditions and submit the following application with their funds request:


  • Business Invest – SCALE UP Program Application, click here


Step 3: Submit a Letter of Agreement



Step 4: Borrower Certification Forms
Once the depository institution is approved to participate in the Business Invest – SCALE UP Program and is allocated a commitment of funds (see Step 2), the financial institution must obtain the Certification Form below from each borrower and maintain it with their borrower loan files/documentation.


  •  Business Invest -  SCALE UP Program Borrower Certification Form, click here.


Daily Rates
Visit the Community Development Linked Deposit page to view the applicable impact investment deposit rates for Business Invest – SCALE UP Program, click here.


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