Linked Deposits


The Treasurer’s Office actively partners with qualified banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions to obtain depository services.  This includes participation in our Linked Deposits Program.


Linked Deposits are made in Illinois financial institutions for a specific purpose/project and generally have a term greater than one year.  For example, through Ag Invest, the Treasurer's Office partners with approved financial institutions to provide qualified farmers and agriculture professionals below market-rate loans to start or enhance farm operations.  The loans provided through an approved financial institution can be used for the purchase farm equipment, construction related expenses, or costs related to traditional crop production and alternative activities.


Since 2008, the Ag Invest Program has loaned more than $1 billion, making Ag Invest one of the most expansive loan programs in the nation.


Become an Approved Program Depository

To participate in the Linked Deposits Program, institutions must apply to become an approved program depository with the Treasurer's Office.  For more information, please visit:


           •  Become an Approved Program Depository


Approved Program Depositories can also participate in the Treasurer's Access to Capital Programs.  Should you have any questions with this process, please contact the Treasurer's Time Deposit Section at 866-458-7327.


Daily Rates

Click here to access the daily rates for the Linked Deposit and Access to Capital programs.