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Welcome to the Middle School Resource Portal!  We are always adding new resources, so make sure to check back often.  If you have any questions or would like additional help implementing the standards, please contact us here. 

Economic Poster Contest


The Economics Poster Contest is a fun, creative way to teach the new standards.  The contest encourages students to understand economics and financial education in an imaginative way.  In the end, students create a colorful art illustration depicting one of the concepts they studied and enter it into our contest.  The winners of the competition are featured in a calendar the following school year. This program is run in the fall each school year.  The cost is FREE to participate. Follow the links below to learn more. 



Stock Market Game


Our most popular program! This unique game is used by thousands of students nationwide each year.  Students participate in teams to research and evaluate stocks, bonds, and mutual funds to make informed, economic decisions.  Competitions are held each Fall and Spring.  There are also connections to Common Core with the extension program, InvestWrite.  For Stock Market Game participants, InvestWrite is a writing competition on investment related topics.  By signing up through us, the cost is FREE for a class to participate.  In addition, there are many resources online, and a dedicated staffer to help answer all of your questions.  Explore below to learn more:



Illinois Personal Finance Challenge


This is a great way to assess student comprehension on the new Financial Literacy standards. The competition is held online, and students compete in teams to test their knowledge.  This competition takes place annually in the Spring. There is NO COST to participate!



Additional Resources


Explore the links below to find lesson plans, assessments, and more.




The new Social Studies standards went into effect during the 2017-2018 school year.  For the first time, they include Financial Literacy.  In addition, inquiry skills were added to this group of standards to equip students with the skills necessary for college, career, and civic life.  Please click through the links to read through requirements.