Ensuring Honesty & Integrity


The mission of the Office of the Executive Inspector General (OEIG) for the Illinois State Treasurer is to foster and maintain the highest standards of integrity and accountability within the Treasurer's Office and in all transactions conducted on behalf of the citizens of the State of Illinois.
The OEIG is responsible for promoting the highest standards of ethics within the Office of the State Treasurer. Through education and training efforts the OEIG provides each employee with knowledge and information regarding the laws, regulations, rules or policies related to their duties and work performed on behalf of the Office.
The OEIG recognizes that the majority of state employees and officials are hardworking and honest individuals. However, when evidence of actual or apparent impropriety exists in state government, it must be effectively and objectively dealt with either administratively or through the court system. It is the goal of the Office of Executive Inspector General to heighten the trust of Illinoisans in the functions of state government.
Heather A. Stone
Executive Inspector General

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