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Money Market Fund Investment Summary and Benchmarks
As of  December 31, 2016


Welcome to the Money Market Fund portfolio page. On this page you will learn on a monthly basis:

  • How much money is in the fund
  • Where that money is being invested
  • What the return is on those investments
  • And how we compare to industry standards


The State Treasurer's Office uses industry benchmarks to ensure state dollars are placed in safe and lucrative investments. The Treasurer's goal is to consistently outperform the competition.


If you do not understand a term, please visit our glossary of financial terms.

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Net Portfolio Assets* $4,653,739,283
Present Market Value $4,632,220,308
Income Net of Fees $2,047,975.30
7-Day Yield** 0.558%
7-Day Effective Yield** 0.645%
One Month Yield** 0.510%
One Month Effective Yield** 0.596%
Net Asset Value (per share) $1.00
Weighted Average Maturity 46
Weighted Average Life 89

*This total includes a State Investment of $1,381,481,967.23

**Yield Net of Fees




Click on the appropriate date to download a printable copy of the state's schedule of investments. The schedule specifies the state portfolio's holdings and each investment's maturity and yield.

Treasurer Frerichs strives to run an open and transparent office and in doing so maintains archived financial documents that are available, for free, to the public. If you are seeking an older version of the financial report(s) listed on this webpage, please call 312-814-1700 or email Max Dulberger at and ask our staff to provide them to you. In most cases this won’t require a formal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and can be sent via email.